Review: HPCI Technical Seminars 2011

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A special focus were the HPCI Technical Seminars, where exhibiting companies introduced new ingredients and formulations. Attendance to the Tech-Seminars was free for delegates.

English / Turkish (simultaneous translation)

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Time Title Speaker Company
09:50 The Challenges for Personal Care Preservatives under the new European Regulations
Abstract >>
Paul Wood
Customer Application Specialist
Dow Microbial Control
10:10 Water Soluble Polymers for Foam Boost and Enhanced Sensory Appeal in Hand Dish Formulations
Abstract >>
Anne Oberlin
R&D Technical Service Scientist
DOW Home & Personal Care
10:30 Carboxymehyl inulin: a vegetable based ingredient for liquid laundry detergents
Abstract >>
Geneviève Bonnechère Thermphos
10:50 Development of New Emollients as Natural, Sustainable and High Performance Solutions
Abstract >>
Gabriele Polak
Consumer Specialist
Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH
11:10 A new film forming polyurethane polymer for Hair Styling formulations
Abstract >>
Dr. Sophie Viala
Cosmetic Raw Materials, Head Business Development
Bayer MaterialScience AG
11:30 Surfactants for Liquid Laundry Detergents. Dr. Jürgen Tropsch
Senior Expert Surfactants
11:50 Preserve more with less - use a synergist
Abstract >>
Dr. Frederic Pilz
Personal Care, R&D Manager
12:10 Eco-Responsible Care by Alban Muller
Abstract >>
Alban Muller
Founder of Alban Muller International
Alban Muller
12:30 Bluestar Microemulsion Technology for Versatile Conditioner Formulations
Abstract >>
Nalan Erkan Yavuzer
Sales Manager Personal Care
12:50 Customized sensitive skin care concepts
Abstract >>
Zeynep Gamze Sen
Operative Marketing Manager
13:10 Designing substantiated active ingredients to address the major unmet consumer needs within the hair care segment.
Abstract >>
Valérie Basocak
Senior Product Manager
Cognis - Div. Lab.Sérobio


Time Title Speaker Company
13:00 Innovative Esters with excellent sensorial properties for color cosmetics, skin and hair care
Abstract >>
Martina Lydia Heldermann
Sales & Marketing Manager Europe
13:20 The Benefits of Silicones for Repairing Heat Damaged Hair Fibers
Abstract >>
Sabrina Marchioretto
Life Sciences, Technical Service
Dow Corning
13:40 Natragem E145 – the solution to green emulsification
Abstract >>
Jonathan Stott
MEAP Business Development Specialist
14:00 New innovations in the production of cosmetics: Hot/cold saves time and energy
Abstract >>
Christof Limberger
Sales Project Manager
Ekato Systems
14:20 Sensiva PA 20 – the new antimicrobial stabilizing combination for “preservative-free” Skin Care Products
Abstract >>
Andrea Kröhnke
Area Manager Personal Care & Household
14:40 Targeting Different Mechanisms for an Anti-aging Treatment
Abstract >>
Domenico Palella
Export Manager
15:00 Evaluation methods of cleaning performance of cleaners on hard surfaces
Abstract >>
Zena Malocho
Detergents Project Leader
SGS Institut Fresenius
15:20 Can you protect yourself against the tiger mosquito?
Abstract >>
Pelin Eren
Product Specialist for Cosmetic Portfolio
15:40 Keratrix™ Restorative natural active for damaged and weakened hair
Abstract >>
Pedro Usandizaga
International Sales Manager
Provital Group
16:00 Fixate™ Freestyle polymer: Advanced Styling Performance and Versatility for Hair Gel Formulations
Abstract >>
Florence Pecquerie Lubrizol
16:20 Green Powerful Cleaning with Polymer Boost
Abstract >>
Francesco Taurisano - Business Development Manager Middle East Fabric and Cleaning Applications Akzo Nobel
16:40 A new vegetable derived Eco Friendly cleaning booster Michael Fender
Manager Technical Service for Fabric Care, Household Care and Car Care
Evonik Degussa GmbH