HPCI Middle East and Eurasia 2013 Scientific Conference

(Wednesday, September 18th)

Session Chairman: Yasemin Uzuner, Ph.D.
Time Title Speaker/Company
10:00 Opening words
10:15 Role of Ageing on the Biomechanics of Skin Damage Processes Kemal LEVİ, Ph.D.,
Bio-X Consulting, USA
10:45 Osmotic Protection in Cosmetics for Skin Equilibrium Luigi RIGANO, Ph.D.,
Industrial Consulting & Research, Italy
11:15 coffee break

Session Chairman: Murat Berkman, Ph.D.
Time Title Speaker/Company
11:45 Nanotechnology in Cosmetics: New trends for Antiaging Products Nilüfer TARIMCI, Ph.D.,
Ankara University, Turkey
12:15 Health and Environmental Concerns in Nanotechnological Systems for Skin Care Serpil KIŞLALIOĞLU, Ph.D.,
University of Rhode Island, USA

• HPCI SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE 2013 - DAY 2 (Thursday, September 19th)

Session Chairman: Gülgün YENER, Ph.D.
Time Title Speaker/Company
14:00 Antiaging: From Formulation to Skin Delivery Özgen ÖZER, Ph.D.,
Ege University, Turkey
14:30 Fighting Effectively Against Skin Aging with the Use of Multiactive Mediterranean Plant Extracts Xavier ROMEU,
Symrise, Spain
15:00 coffee break

Session Chairman: Evrim Yenilmez, Ph.D.
Time Title Speaker/Company
15:30 Antiaging with Plant Stem Cell Markus SCHULTE,
Mibelle Cosmetics, Switzerland
16:00 A Novel Concept for Hair Care Erdoğan GÜLER,
Güler Chemicals, Turkey

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