Featuring international and local suppliers and trading companies, the HPCI Exhibition is the most comprehensive show taking place in India for home care, personal care ingredients for formulators and suppliers alike. The HPCI Exhibition offers the unique chance to learn about new ingredients, the progress in formulation techniques and concepts offered by global and local suppliers. It allows communication with peers on the basis of reasonable budgets. Definitely a not-to-be-missed event for the cosmetic and detergent industry in India and beyond.

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The ISCC Conference features scientific and technical aspects in home and personal care production. Topics include: skin aging, new actives, bioavailability, nanotechnology, green cleaners, detergents, legislation, REACH, formulation techniques and sensory. A major focus will be the presentation of new ingredients for innovative products. The ISCC Conference will focus on the demonstration of science application and give practical advise for the formulators and buyers alike. The ISCC Conference will be co-organised by the Indian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ISCC).

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Mumbai is the economical heart of India. It is easy to reach by train or plane and offers accommodation facilities in all categories and on all price levels.
The Grant Hyatt Hotel and Exhibition Ground is situated in the Santacruz area of Mumbai (Bombay), India. Located just 20 minutes from Mumbai International Airport and ten minutes from the domestic airport.

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