MKS DevO Chemicals Stand 320
Address: Ardicli Evler Sitesi Yakut Villa 11, 34538 Istanbul, TURKEY
Tel.: +90 212 699 95 55
Fax: +90 212 620 06 00
E-mail: info(at)

Our Company

Young and Experienced,
Incorporated in July 2003, MKS DevO Chemicals was founded to provide highest quality chemicals and services for textile industry. Our dedicated and experienced team contribute crucial values for our clients to ensure optimized overall operational efficiencies. Now, our company is a global manufacturer and marketer of chemicals for many industries through five major business divisions, namely, Textile Technologies, Polymers, Phosphonates, Naphthalene Sulphonate and Industrial Chemicals

Our Products

Our goal is to provide clean environments for industries we work for. All products manufactured in our textile technologies division are biologically degradable and do not contain any harmful material for human health. We maintain our waste water system at the highest standards.

Our Activities

Plant has an extensive range of chemical processing equipments that can be configured to meet specific needs. With reactors(including glass lined) sized from 3 to 10 cubic meter and wide range of pressure and temperature capabilities, our chemical plant is a 15,000 square meter area set capable of delivering 6.000,00 mt/month process outputs.
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