Güler Kimya Sağlık Danışmanlık ve Dış Ticaret Ltd Stand 430
Address: Mahmutbey, İstoç 41 ada Nr.5, 34550 Bağcılar - İstanbul, TURKEY
Tel.: + 90 (0)212 659 76 66
Fax: + 90 (0)212 658 76 66
E-mail: info(at)gulerchemical.com
Website: www.gulerchemical.com
Güler Kimya is founded in 1997 and specialized in distribution of innovative companies of cosmetics and consulting for the cosmetic manufacturer for their product development.
Our company philosophy is;
  • to offer the knowledge ahead of its time with outstanding quality, creativity and service with individual attention, innovation and flexibility to our customers as your reliable and competence supplier, we offer you
  • a strategic, forward thinking culture of innovation that meets the demands of the market
  • To offer versatile and innovative product range with encompassing outstanding performance and substantiated claims which deliver real added value to your products.
  • To deliver the highest quality products at your manufacturing facility on time
  • To provide you with expert technical assistance and customized solution to meet specific requirements and to develop the exceptional zeitgeisty products (concepts) for your customer or for your market
  • We believe that the success of a project is built on a privileged relationship. Communication, trust , listening are the keys for long lasting success.
It is a great pleasure for us to be at your service. 
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