Rajasthan Detergent Stand 449

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Website: www.rajdet.com
Rajasthan Detergent is a part of a group, which is involved in manufacturing of various speciality chemicals and polymers – ranging from emulsion polymers, water soluble polymers, water based adhesives and speciality cleaners with very strong technical support from Scientists of Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. They are the manufacturers of the very popular ACR 4500 Detergent polymer which can energise the performance of any anionic, non-ionic detergent system. The polymer has been designed considering the very variable washing conditions across the Indian subcontinent. This HPCI they are introducing newer products like water soluble water absorbent for detergent powders, thickeners for alkaline, acidic and oil systems, fluffing agent for detergent powders and various other specialities for the detergent industry.The group is also very well equipped to address any specific issues faced by the Industry in general.
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