Synercare NEW Stand 450

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Synercare is one stop sourcing partner for supply of Innovative and Speciality Cosmetic Raw Material, Herbal Extracts and Oleoresins from different parts of the world. We offer sourcing and manufacturing services to various industries like Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals since past decade.

We are introducing Oat Cosmetics products from UK which are Ecocert Green certified with versatile application along with other cosmeceuticals like specialised Cosmetic grades of Niacinamide, Cu Peptide, Propolis Extracts, Ceramide & its Complexes.

NEW Launches:
  • Dermiveil a 100% natural, visual and sensorial modifier. Brightens and whitens creams and lotions. Helps control immediate and residual shine on the skin
  • Virgin Poppy Seed Oil has a superior profile, rich in sterols with linoleic, oleic acid, as well as Vitamin E in the form of naturally occurring tocopherol.
  • Propolis antiviral and antimicrobial action provides wonderful benefits for acneic skin

Represented Company:
Oat Cosmetics, UK
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