Lucid Colloids Ltd. Stand 350

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Lucid Colloids Ltd. is an India based manufacturer since 1958 of Guar Gum and its derivatives. Manufacturing Plants are located in Jodhpur, Meglasiya, Bikaner, Jhagadia and Aurangabad. The Corporate Office is based in Mumbai.

Lucid manufactures Catcol® brand Performance Polymers for Home and Personal Care products such as Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling Mousse, Shaving Gels, Body Washes, Liquid Soaps and Skin Care & Aqueous based Topical Gels and Ointments.

Catcol® products include a wide range of Hydroxypropyl Guar (Nonionic), Guar Hydroxypropyl triammonium chloride (Cationic) and Guar Hydroxypropyl triammonium chloride Hydroxypropyl (Cationic) which are manufactured and available ex-stock in India.
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