Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. Stand 304

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Galaxy Surfactants has worked diligently to meet the requirements and needs of Global Home &Personal Care brands. This has helped us to broaden our vision and made our company a “GlobalSupplier to Global Brands”.
We have developed numerous specialty products in the field of Mild Surfactants, Sunscreens &UV Filters, Preservatives, Conditioners, Syndets & Proteins. We have 21 Indian Patents, 10 USpatent & 1 EU patent. The essence of our innovation lies in delivering high efficacy products toall our customers’ world over. To serve our customers located across geographies, we have fullfledgedsales offices in countries like India, USA, The Netherlands, Turkey, Colombia & Egypt.Product customization coupled with high quality service has been at Galaxy’s core and this hasmade it a preferred partner for many global and regional players.
Galaxy is totally committed to safety through its TPM and quality policy. In its 30+ years ofexistence, Galaxy has been the industry leader in India for the last 25 years and has won severalawards in TPM. Through all its success, Galaxy has always stood by its commitment toEnvironment and Sustainability. Sustainable business practices is at its core.
As part of its CSR activities, Galaxy has taken up many socially relevant causes, one of these iseducation for the underprivileged. Galaxy provides infrastructure and materials support, apartfrom sending volunteers to teach underprivileged students at nearby schools.

Represented Company:
TRI-K Industries, USA

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