Anshul Lifesciences Stand 220

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Anshul Life Sciences believes in partnering innovation and adding value to our customers through a comprehensive portfolio of specialty ingredients. Our well-equipped application lab along with technical expertise enable us to meet customer needs from inception to commercialization of formulation.

We are One-stop Service provider’ for the Personal Care industry offering unique product solutions for various applications with our diversified range of Actives and Emollients ranging from Shea, Film Formers,Emulsifiers,Actives for anti-ageing, skin lightening, Cooling agents, Warming agents, Beads, exfoliating, mild co- surfactants for rinse off applications , conditioning agents, rheology modifiers and preservative systems through our Global partners. Mibelle Biochemistry, Bloomage Freda, AAK, Greaf Biotech, Kao, Covestro- name few.

The latest addition being Plant stem cells, Instant skin lifting, Anti cellulite, Slimming/Sebum control /Anti-hair loss, Anti-ageing, Hair Growth, Anti-inflammatory, Oil soluble actives for hair treatment from MIBELLE BIOCHEMISTRY, Shea Oils, Shea Esters, Natural alternatives to LLP, Lanolin & Silicones from AAK Personal Care.

Represented Companies:
AAK Personal Care, Sweden
Barel Chemicals Inc, China
Bloomage Freda Biopharm Co Ltd, China
Covestro Deutschland AG, Japan
Divakar Techno Specialities & Chemicals Pvt Ltd, India
Elkay Silicones, India
Hangzhou Reb Technology Co Ltd, China
Ikeda Corporation, Japan
Kao Chemicals, Japan
Kishimoto Special Liver Oil Co Ltd, Japan
Kiyu New Material Co Ltd, China
Mibelle BioChemistry, Switzerland
Nuevo Polymer, India
Shanghai GREAF Biotech Co Ltd, China
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals, Japan
Universal Esters Limited, India
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