Pibiplast S.P.A. NEW Stand CB 821
Address: via della Costituzione 19, 42015 Corregio (RE), Italy
Tel.: 0039 0522 74 65 11
Fax: 0039 0522 69 25 07
E-mail: commerciale(at)pibiplast.com
Website: www.pibiplast.com
PIBIPLAST S.p.A. , cosmetic plastic packaging company, is since 1954 partner of all major brands in the cosmetic industry.

Its great expertise is today extended on its 4 different divisions: Pibiplast, for skin care and body care bottles, jars and caps; Bomal, for make-up and focused on mascaras and lip glosses; Pibitubes, producing cosmetic tubes and Plastline for skin-care and body-care EBM bottles addressed mostly to the GDO market.

Constant innovation of design and technology, flexibility and a tailored process of production able to meet customer’s special needs, have always been Pibiplast’s main guidelines.

The perfect match of the above listed attitudes with a great professional competence of the service provided have definitely pointed out Pibiplast Group as a main player in the cosmetics plastic packaging world 
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