Biosynthis Stand 210
Address: 4, bis rue de Foisnard, 91410 – Saint Cyr sous Dourdan, France
Tel.: +33 160 80 3434
Fax: +33 160 81 2414
E-mail: info(at)
BIOSYNTHIS is a French Company specialized in renewable and biodegradable raw materials for the cosmetic industry. Some of our ranges of materials: VISCOPLAST® Green Series, polyester series offering superior feeling to polybutenes / Polyisobutenes. VEGELIGHT® Green Line: Unique vegetable green emollient, ideal alternative to cyclomethicones, and a series of new generation Silicones. They propose unique microcapsules technologies, formaldehyde free, bringing the possibility to reverse the solubility of active ingredients. Biosynthis offers Specialty Microcapsules under BIOPEARL®™ for long lasting effects... Perfumes, Essential Oils, Anti-Mosquitoes, protected, stabilized and highly efficient Actives Ingredients as UV Filters, Vitamins, Caffeine, DHA, Glycerin. 
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