Western Commercial Corporation Stand 410
Address: 502, Vishwananak Apartment, Chakala Andheri East, Mumbai - 400099, India
Tel.: +91-22-2839 44 41/2/3
Fax: +91-22-2821 98 71
E-mail: info(at)westerncommercial.in
Website: www.westerncommercial.in
WCC represents well known Japanese Companies for Specialty chemicals used in skin care, hair care, color cosmetics and oral care formulations. Some of the major ones are as follows:
1. AJINOMOTO: Amino Acid derived ingredients for personal care.
2. SEIWA KASEI: Polypeptides for Skin care and hair care.
3. NISSHIN OILLIO: Functional Esters/ Gelling agents/ Emulsifiers for cosmetics.
4. AICA CORPORATION: Fine spherical polymer beads.
5. ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.: Silver based antimicrobial solution.
6. TSUNO RICE CHEMICALS: Rice derived ingredients for personal care.
7. SAN-EI-KAGAKU: Tailor made premix bases for cosmetics.
8. YAMAGUCHI MICA: Photo chromatic titanium dioxide for skincare. 
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