HPCI-CCC India 2018 – Educational Programme

The ISCC Conference – alongside the HPCI India 2018 exhibition – revolves around the diversities seen in all the fields of cosmetic industry and discussing the facts, products, market trends in personal care and colour cosmetics, evaluator methods and formula­tion of standardized certified products using stem cells and alternative testing methods.

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HPCI-CCC Technical Seminars 2018
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Technical Seminars – presented by exhibiting companies and of technical nature – will offer delegates and visitors insight on product technologies and applications. Leading international branch professionals will present the latest developments in their companies and discuss products applications.
Listen to lectures from Evonik, Galaxy Sur­factants, Gattefose, Lucid Colloids, NDN Labs, Pharmacos, Yasham and other companies.

Technical Seminars Programme: Coming soon

Get first-hand knowledge from cosmetic pro­fessionals at our workshops. This year, the ISCC offers two courses with focus on:
• Texture Creation in Cosmetics and
• Formulation & Application Aspects of Colour Cosmetics.
Both workshops are part of the ISCC Con­fer­ence Afternoon Programme.

> Workshops (see ISCC Conference Afternoon Programme)